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Estonian Internet Day 2019

How do you do, .ee?

The main focus of that year’s event was the wish that we wanted a free internet but got something else. Is data some mystical creature generating profit for its master? Is the government like our mom and dad in the digital world? Who should protect us against ourselves and technology? How to take the news that Youtube might close down in Europe? And can we find the answer to a long lasting question – “Who is smarter, the egg or the chicken – you or your child”?

The main idea of Estonian Internet Day 2019 was to gather the Estonian Internet society, discuss and give an effort to develop Estonian Internet in general.

Baltic Domain Days

Estonian Internet Days 2019 also hosted the Baltic Domain Days. The event included several national domain concerns and developments in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

NIC LV Baltic Domain Days

What we did

Our goal was to create the full visual to suit both Estonian Internet Days and Baltic Domain Days

Foam letters – we created several sets of foam letters to brighten up Kultuurikatel. with Baltics domains (.ee, .lv, .lt) and hashtags so the guests could share their thoughts with certain tags and links.

Keynotes – All the presentations and welcoming slides received our visual and were used as part of the interior and lightning.

Gifts for guests – All participants got our poster calendar, where the year started after the Internet Day and ended when it was time to go to the next year’s event.

Gifts fo speakers – All the speakers got a small box of .ee macrons. The box was designed to the theme of Kait ja Kalle .ee (Nate and Kate) from the explanatory video series