PNL Engineers

Flexible typograpghy

Clear messages need a flexible typography. We chose the well balanced sans family Play, which is available in Google Fonts, both desktop and webfont possibilities. We mainly used Regular and Bold thickness, but overall the whole perspective of the font family is available.

Font usage for PNL is quite wide, reaching out both in digital and physical form (prints, clothing, signage etc.), and we use texts with colour filling but also strokes to separate texts with different meanings or levels of importance.

Play font Font Family (Google Fonts)

Client feedback

Our previous visual identity needed an update, Sviiter did it! Sviiter team gathered our thoughts, created a new visual and gave it content. At the beginning of the cooperation we immediately felt a friendly atmosphere, which gave us the confidence to realize the future ideas together with Sviiter.

Andre Remsel PNL Engineers

Disc golf clothing for Kristin Tattar & Silver Lätt

Production and sales

All the shirts were made in cooperation with Estonian shirt maker Särgivabrik and got ready just in time before Kristin and Silver flew to their tour of the United States. The shirts were really popular and generated loads of interest in US Open and other public events they participated in.

Unfortunately, these shirts were custom made only for them and not for sale on any terms. We have responded to all who wrote to us and have been suggesting to follow Kristin and Silver on social media.

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Client feedback

Sviiter gave this project a soul, without that it would just be an idea. We really didn’t know, how to visualise our working agenda or process. The team behind the project helped us a lot and we are really gladful that we found them.

Silver Lätt CEO of Discgolf Academy