Leanest re-branding and homepage

Modern and funky, yet calm and polite

It is always hard to pick the right typography for a project as it is one of the key elements of the whole spectre of brand concept. Text is one of the main pillars of the business visual core and we have a big respect for it.

We choose GT Flexa font by Swiss Grilli Type Foundry and used Estender Regular and Bold in graphics, in digital and on the website.

You can find the typefont on the Grilli Type Foundry website – GT Flexa Font Family


Static Green – This brilliant green hue is a symbol for electricity – it’s the crown jewel of the colour palette and really stands out (perhaps even too much!). We use this very static colour to emphasize key points in graphics, and core messages from content.

Dark Gray – Despite of using pure black we used dark gray, which matches perfectly with Static Green. Gray is supporting colour so he powers up green and stays calm in the background as a partner.

Light Gray – Light gray is also supporting colour to separate different blocks and subjects which we otherwise would do with white. So, this gives us some flexibility. Light gray is softer than white, it supports the colour package so the main graphics and messages could be on or with green or white.

Client feedback

Sviiter gave this project a soul, without that it would just be an idea. We really didn’t know, how to visualise our working agenda or process. The team behind the project helped us a lot and we are really gladful that we found them.

Marko Saviauk CEO of Leanest

PNL Engineers

Flexible typograpghy

Clear messages need a flexible typography. We chose the well balanced sans family Play, which is available in Google Fonts, both desktop and webfont possibilities. We mainly used Regular and Bold thickness, but overall the whole perspective of the font family is available.

Font usage for PNL is quite wide, reaching out both in digital and physical form (prints, clothing, signage etc.), and we use texts with colour filling but also strokes to separate texts with different meanings or levels of importance.

Play font Font Family (Google Fonts)

Client feedback

Our previous visual identity needed an update, Sviiter did it! Sviiter team gathered our thoughts, created a new visual and gave it content. At the beginning of the cooperation we immediately felt a friendly atmosphere, which gave us the confidence to realize the future ideas together with Sviiter.

Andre Remsel PNL Engineers

Ülemiste Loftoffice branding

Coat of Arms for Lääneranna parish

Reflection of the sealine

Our idea holds the concept of the seaside location of the parish, and the local activities. The blue describes swamps, bogs, clean air and water in general. The white symbolises light, purity, determination of youth and hope for the future.

The symbol of Estonian wilderness, the eagle, denotes the nature community of Lääneranna parish and partly refers that our “bird state”, the Matsalu National Park, is located here. There are numerous eagle nesting sites in Lääneranna parish and, as a result, also nature reserves, including the recently established Varbla Nature Reserve.

The eagle

The eagle, the king of birds, symbolises wisdom, strength and vision. The flying eagle carries from earth to sky a message of renewed life and resilience to go through hardships and shared freedom. The courage to look ahead and achieve what seems unattainable.

The eagle also refers to the evangelist John, the patron saint of the bishop of Saare-Lääne, whose symbol it was; The centre of the Saare-Lääne diocese and the bishop’s residence were originally located in Lihula.

Values from history & culture

The wall-toothed division denotes a protective function, and as such refers to the ancient Estonian rural towns, which in Lääne County there are as many as eight from the pre-crusade period (Lihula ancient castle, Soontagana rural town, Karuse castle, Keblaste Taramägi, Kurese ring rural castle, and the vassal castles Lihula Episcopal Castle and Virtsu Vassal Castle).